If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us to arrange for an exchange or return. If you would like to see additional products, colors, sizes, or styles, please contact us at info@alpacaforhikers.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who made my sweater?
A. Alpaca for Hikers sweaters are 100% handmade by Bolivian artisans. The women and men who make these sweaters belong to a consortium dedicated to preserving the art of handmade crafts. Your purchase will help support these artisans and their local communities. If you would like to learn more about this consortium, please contact us at info@alpacaforhikers.com.
Q. Why should I buy alpaca?
A. Alpaca fiber (often referred to as wool or fleece) is extremely warm and soft. It is ideal for outdoor activity in cold weather, as it has enough give to allow for easy movement while also providing warmth. The alpaca sweaters sold on this website are ecologically friendly. The alpacas are raised in very large plots of land, with plenty of room to wander, as alpacas like to do. Alpacas themselves have very little environmental impact, as their hooves are soft underneath, causing little damage to the earth! fea-img-1
Q. Are alpaca products hypoallergenic? fea-img-2
A. Alpaca fiber is naturally hypoallergenic. Our products are made from 100% alpaca fiber!
Q. How do I wash my sweater?
A. You can machine wash your sweater on cold with detergent that is not too harsh. Do not put the sweater in the dryer, but rather lay it flat to dry. However, for best results, hand wash with cold water and soft detergent.
Q. How long does shipping take?
A. All sweaters ship from our offices in the USA. For orders within the contiguous United States, you will receive your sweater approximately 3-5 business days from the shipping date. We ship with UPS. A tracking number will be available once the shipment has been processed.
Q. Is alpaca fiber itchy?
A. Alpaca fleece is very soft, and not as scratchy as traditional sheep’s wool. Most compare it to cashmere.
Q. Can I return my sweater?
A. All sweaters can be returned within 90 days of purchase for a full refund, including cost of shipping!! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. You may also exchange the sweater for alternate sizes.
Q. Do the sizes run big or small compared to general US sizes?
A. In order to gauge the size comparison, we have provided the measurements of the sweaters.
Medium 28.5 inches long 22.1 inches wide 22.1 inch sleeve length
Large 29 inches long 22.5 inches wide 22.5 inch sleeve length
Small 27.5 inches long 21.8 inches wide 22.6 inch sleeve Length
Medium 28.4 inches long 22.1 inches wide 22.1 inch sleeve Length
Q. Are there any other colors or designs available?
A. Other colors and designs will be available soon. If you want to see an alpaca sweater in a certain color or design, please contact us, as we are in constant contact with our artisans in Bolivia.

Have a question? Please contact us at info@alpacaforhikers.com